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Apple To Roll Out New Application Features With IOS 11 Update


Apple latest software update has got everyone talking.

According to iOS iPhone Beta testers, who are currently testing out the updated version of iOS 11, iOS 11 comes with a Do Not Disturb While Driving option, which is available in the Settings section. This new feature will disable notification temporarily once the phone realises the driver is the car.

Apple also introduced a Files app, where users can save files to the phones share sheet. Is this similar to iCloud? Yes, however, users can either choose to save photos, videos and documents to the Files app (which will then be saved onto the phone) or iCloud.

To check out what other features have been added to the mix, check out TechCrunch.

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Looking for a job just became much easier, thanks to Google's latest innovation Al-powered.

So you might be wondering....what makes Google's Al-powered different from all of other job searching platform?

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