Friday, 13 January 2017

Is Whatsapp Safe?

Earlier today, The Guardian reported that Whatsapp may not be so secure after all.

According to The Guardian, messages sent through the app could be read and modified.

However, a spokespersons for the messaging app has since denied the report. In statement released by the spokesperson, Whatsapp claim,

"This claim is false,”

The spokesperson then went on further to state, “WhatsApp does not give governments a “backdoor” into its systems and would fight any government request to create a backdoor. The design decision referenced in the Guardian story prevents millions of messages from being lost, and WhatsApp offers people security notifications to alert them to potential security risks. WhatsApp published a technical white paper on its encryption design, and has been transparent about the government requests it receives, publishing data about those requests in the Facebook Government Requests Report.”

For more on the story head over to TechCrunch today.

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