Friday, 10 March 2017

DIY: How To Salvage a Wet Smartphone Device

How To Salvage, Revive, save dry a wet smartphone

Every now and then we find ourself in situations far beyond our control. For instance, a bad hair day, losing a mobile or even worse, accidently dropping the phone in water. But not worry, I've got a tip that will keep you from freeking out the next time your phone accidently gets wet.

- What to do -

Firstly, start by turning off your device and removing the battery as quickly as possibly.

Next, if you have anything attached to the phone such as the sim card, a pair of headphone, mobile cover - remove this too.

Following the previous step, get a drag cloth and use it to clean the screen of the smartphone or smart device.
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Now, get a big bowl of uncooked rice, make sure you fill the rice up to the top of the bowl and then and dump your smartphone device in the bowl to dry (Why rice uh? Because it absorbs water).

Lastly, leave the phone alone for at least 24 hours before going back to it to see if it works.

I have tried this method twice and its worked perfectly for me.

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