Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Snapchat Boss Ruffles Feathers: "Snapchat Is Only For Rich People"

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spigel came under fire this past weekend after allegedly making some insensitive comments about who he felt was fit enough to use the very popular social app and who he felt was not.

According to Variety, a former Snapchat employee, Anthony Pompliano told the publication that Spigel had told him in September 2015 that the Snapchat "is only for rich people." He added that Spigel told him "I don't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain."

Check out what some very upset Snapchat users had to say below:

A spokesperson for the company and Spigel has since spoken out, saying,
"This is ridiculous. Obviously Snapchat is for everyone! It's available worldwide to download for free."

Also, in the notice we filed with the court when we unsealed Pompliano's original complaint (attached), we wrote:

"Snap did not give investors misstated user metrics back in 2015; nor did Snap employees commit any of the panoply of alleged bad acts that litter Pompliano's complaint. Snap will demonstrate as much at the appropriate time in the appropriate forum." 
"Those words were written by a disgruntled former employee. We are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and around the world."

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